OR Table Top of mHPL

• Adapting to the modern design of operating table about modularity, flexibility and ergonomics

• Radiolucent for intraoperative imaging

• Made of medical SPC-HPL plate

• Customized production according to customer requirements

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The Weadell Operating Table-Top Kits are the result of systematic improvements to offer the best support for the surgical application. These top boards possess eligible x-ray transradiancy and thus can offer clear radiographic appearance.

1. Cater to functional and modular design, easy to handle.

2. Provide maximum comfort and leading reliability for your everyday clinical practice the whole machine.

3. Ready for intraoperative imaging Meet the demands and prerequisites of every surgical discipline in the OR theatre. Low attenuation guarantees safe and controlled handling.

4. Offering loading capacity and flexibility in any position

Product Appearance

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Product Application

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Featured Performance


When x-rays pass through the melamine resin, the material does not block the light, so the attenuation can be low. In other words, it is radiation transparent to x-rays. Using melamine resin as the top boards, radiographic medical system can permit short scanning duration and precise results, can reduce radiation doses, which in turn prevent patients from overexposure.

Eligible Radiographic Imaging

Eligible Radiographic Imaging

The X-ray results from the melamine resin panel show.
• Uniform background.
• No visible impurity spots or blemishes that might interfere with the clinical diagnosis.
Making product with this performance are highly related to our raw material selection, process technology and quality control.

Excellent mechanical properties

The thermoset structure, with the solid phenol core and the melamine surface, provide the panel very strong mechanical performance, which can be confirmed by the impact test, according BSEN438-2/91, measuring the degree of depression after a sphere hit.

xcellent mechanical properties

Other Properties

1. Resistance to Impact
2. Resistance to Scratching
3. Wear Resistance
4. Easy to Clean
1. Resistance to Impact

The thermoset structure, with the solid phenol core and the melamine surface, provide the panel very strong mechanical performance, which is confirmed by the impact test, according BSEN438-2/91, measuring the degree of depression after a sphere hit.

2. Resistance to Scratching

Special surface structure, so that the melamine surface has scratch resistance, even against a variety of hard objects can also maintain long-term undamaged.

3. Wear Resistance

The test of BSEN438-2/91 proved that the melamine plate has strong wear resistance and is suitable for places where heavy objects are placed or places where frequent cleaning is required.

4. Easy to Clean

The tight, non-permeable surface makes it difficult for dust to adhere to it, so the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvent without any damage on surface.

5. Moisture Resistance
6. Fireproof
7. Electro-Static Discharge
8. Chemical Resistance
5. Moisture Resistance

Melamine board core uses special thermosetting resin, so will not be affected by weather changes and moisture, will not decay or produce mold. Its stability and durability is comparable to that of hardwood.

6. Fireproof

The test of bsen 438-2/91 showed that the surface of melamine plate has strong protection ability against burning cigarette. The material is flame retardant, the panel does not melt, Drip or explode, and can maintain its properties for a long time. Various European tests have shown that the material has a high level of fire resistance. In France, the material is rated F1 for its non-release of toxic and corrosive gases, as shown in the melamine plate test NFX70100 and NFX10702, it’s one of the best materials for construction. In China, melamine plate by the National Fire Materials Testing Center, its combustion performance GB8624-B1.

7. Electro-Static Discharge

According to DIN51953 and DIN53482, melamine plates can be produced as anti-static materials, which makes the plates very suitable for dust-free areas such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food industries, electronics industries and optical and computer industries.

8. Chemical Resistance

Physical and chemical plate has strong chemical corrosion resistance, such as: acid, oxidation of toluene and similar substances. Melamine plate can also prevent disinfectants, chemical cleaning agents and containing food juice, dye erosion. They will not affect the properties of melamine plate, also will not affect the surface, for the frequent use of strong acid, we recommend the use of high-strength anti-chemical properties of the physical and chemical plate.

About Processing
Because the plate material is relatively brittle compared with wood and plastic plate, so the common cutting tool in the processing is very easy to form burst and cutting size imprecision and so on. Our professional processing experience after many years of practice and the use of special patent cutting tools, and in the processing center to operate, so can guarantee the accuracy and beauty of the plate processing.

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