Business Timeline

  • 2009 Establishment

    WEADELL team had engaged in materials industry since 2000. The company was founded in 2009 and initially supplied a variety of decorative materials, including ESD laminate material and its applications, such as clean room decoration in hospital or laboratory, anti-static Table and bench, metope panels etc.

  • 2010 Entered the Field of Medical Accessories

    In the two years since foundation, WEADELL gradually began to produce certain flat-board-parts of medical equipment for several domestic and foreign medical enterprises, mainly including various board-kits for surgical tables, for hospital beds, and for other medical equipment or applications. 

  • 2012 Working on Materials for Medical Radiation

    To better adapt to medical needs, we started to focus on proper materials with qualified medical x-ray transmission characteristics, and have successfully developed the Melamine-Phenol resin product series. These products have eligible X-ray transmission performance and are quite suitable for serving as the feature boards of various radiology-related medical equipment. Learn more

  • 2015 Establish an X-Ray Transmission Test System

    By introducing a complete set of clinical DR and auxiliary devices to adapt product testing, we have built up our X-ray transmission testing system. This system is specifically designed to implement batch image-inspections of products’ X-ray transmission according to the clinical requirement directly. Learn more

  • 2016 Development of the Melamine Composite DR Table Top

    Combining the market demand and our own technology accumulation, we have successfully developed a composite laminate-product made of medical melamine resin and special rigid foam. The product has excellent low aluminum equivalent, imaging without impurities, strong bearing capacity and other performance, dedicated to medical X-ray diagnostic equipment table top. Learn more

  • 2017 Start with Carbon Fiber Products

    We are in a region with a strong carbon fiber supply chain. In the combination of customer demand and own advantages, we began to supply carbon fiber products in 2017, which are still mainly for medical purposes. We have Know-How about production of the composite with carbon fiber and special rigid foam, and can customize Table Top for medical Computed Tomography (CT). Learn more

  • And Now In General

    And Now In General Over the past ten years, we have successfully supplied over 500,000 pieces of various types of WEADELL board-kits products to our Partners throughout the world. We are and will be concentrating on what we have been focusing on and working on.