Carbon Fiber Products

  • Standard Carbon Fiber Plate

    Standard Carbon Fiber Plate

    Our focus is manufacturing high quality materials that you can count on to perform consistently in high performance applications subject to extreme conditions. All carbon fiber plate you find online is not equal. Material selection and plate manufacturing methods will ultimately determine the material strength and stiffness. We manufacture this plate using high performance materials and high quality manufacturing methods.

  • 100% Carbon fiber sheets

    100% Carbon fiber sheets

    We carry carbon fiber plates in fabric and unidirectional styles with multiple materials, finishes, and thicknesses. From straight carbon fiber sheets to hybrid composites, from veneers to plates nearly two inches thick, composites save significant weight over metal plates. Whether your project is big or small, we are bound to have a carbon fiber plate that suits your needs.

  • Carbon Fiber Sheet Plate

    Carbon Fiber Sheet Plate

    Supply Type: Make-to-Order Raw

    Material: Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg with Epoxy Resin

    Weave: Twill/Plain

    Type:1K, 1.5K,3K,6K,12K carbon fiber sheet, regular 3K

  • OR Table Top of Carbon Fiber

    OR Table Top of Carbon Fiber

    • great radiolucency and clean imaging
    • large imaging range can be achieved
    • modularity, flexibility, ergonomics and stability
    • support intraoperative imaging, suited to the hybrid OR
    • both single and composite sandwich plate are available

  • Carbon Fiber Tabletop for DR CT Scanner

    Carbon Fiber Tabletop for DR CT Scanner

    • Adapting to Digital Radiography(DR)
    • Sandwich Structure: Carbon Fiber Surface and Rigid Foam Core
    • Great Radiolucency and Imaging Performance
    • Extremely Lightweight and Strong
    • Customized Production